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Activities of the Inter-Parliamentary Union in 2005

Switzerland : Inter-Parliamentary Union, 2006.

ISBN: 9291422932

Working for peace, fostering development: National reconciliation. Parliamentary oversight of the security sector: Latin America. Migration. Combating child trafficking. Violence against women and children in conflicts. Female genital mutilation. HIV/AIDS. The Information Society. Parliamentary dimension of the WTO. Water, climate change, energy. Security and Cooperation in the Mediterranean

Promoting democracy, assisting parliaments: Observing the out-of-country polis for the Transitional National Assembly of Iraq. Presidential elections in Palestine. Principles for international election observation. Parliaments' contribution to democracy. Strengthening parliaments in post-conflict management. Technical Assistance

Defending Human Rights: The work of the Committee. Compilation of parliamentary initiatives on Myanmar. Handbook on parliament and human rights. The rights of indigenous peoples. Nationality and statelessness. Freedom of expression

Women In politics: Assisting women running for parliament. Parliament, budget and gender. Promoting respect for women's rights. 49th Commission on the Status of Women. Preparing the UN debate on the equal participation of men and women in politics. A unique source of data on women in politics. Women parliamentarians at the IPU reach the 30% target. Dialogue with parliaments that have no women parliamentarians. 20th anniversary of the Meeting of Women Parliamentarians

Cooperation with the United Nations: Second World Conference of Speakers of Parliaments. Bringing the voice of parliaments to the United Nations. Annual Parliamentary Hearing. Office of the permanent Observer. Information and publications: Making effective use of the Internet. Specialized databases. Resource Centre. Publications

Annex: Financial statements. The Executive Committee. The Standing Committees. The IPU Secretariat. List of specialized meetings for 2005. The IPU Membership. The ASGP.