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Patents, citations, and innovations : a window on the knowledge economy

Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, 2002 copyright.
Descripción: xiii, 478 p. : il. +

ISBN: 0262100959 (hc.)

Conceptual and Methodological Foundations: A Penny for Your Quotes: Patent Citations and the Value of Innovations Manuel Trajtenberg. University versus Corporate Patents: A Window on the Basicness of Invention Manuel Trajtenberg, Rebecca Henderson, and Adam B. Jaffe. How High Are the Giants' Shoulders: An Empirical Assessment of Knowledge Spillovers and Creative Destruction in a Model of Economic Growth Ricardo J. Caballero and Adam B. Jaffe

The Geography of Knowledge Spillovers: Geographic Localization of Knowledge Spillovers as Evidenced by Patent Citations Adam B. Jaffe, Manuel Trajtenberg, and Rebecca Henderson. Flows of Knowledge from Universities and Federal Laboratories: Modeling the Flow of Patent Citations over Time and across Institutional and Geographic Boundaries Adam B. Jaffe and Manuel Trajtenberg. International Knowledge Flows: Evidence from Patent Citations Adam B. Jaffe and Manuel Trajtenberg

Policy-Motivated Evaluation of Institutions and Countries: Universities as a Source of Commercial Technology: A Detailed Analysis of University Patenting, 1965-1988 Rebecca Henderson, Adam B. Jaffe, and Manuel Trajtenberg. Evidence from Patents and Patent Citations on the Impact of NASA and Other Federal Labs on Commercial Innovation Adam B. Jaffe, Michael S. Fogarty, and Bruce A. Banks. Reinventing Public R&D: Patent Policy and the Commercialization oí National Laboratory Technologies Adam B. Jaffe and Josh Lerner. Innovation in Israel 1968-1997: A Comparative Analysis Using Patent Data Manuel Trajtenberg

The Patents and Citations Data: A Close-up. The Meaning oí Patent Citations: Report on the NBER/Case Western Reserve Survey of Patentees Adam B. Jaffe, Manuel Trajtenberg, and Michael S. Fogarty. The NBER Patent-Citations Data File: Lessons, Insights, and Methodological Tools Bronwyn H. Hall, Adam B. Jaffe, and Manuel Trajtenberg.

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