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Building the architecture for sustainable space security : conference report 30-31 March 2006.

Geneva : UNIDIR, 2006 copyright.
Descripción: xxviii, 160 p.

ISBN: 9290451858

Conference report: Introduction. Future and current threats to the peaceful uses of outer space. A rules-based behaviour approach toensure space security. Leveraging existing instruments to enhance space security. Developing confidence-building measures. Interactive debate on public awareness and advocacy in policy making

Threats to the security of outer space: emerging technologies Laurence Nardon

The role of non-state actors in outer space security Jeffrey Lewis

Space weapons and proliferation Michael Krepon with Michael Katz-Hyman

Creating rules-based behaviour to help space-faring nations avoid conflict in space Douglas G. Aldworth

Addressing the outer space security issue Pan Jusheng

Technologies and behaviours of concern: what threatens long-ten space security and how can these threats be monitored? Laura Grego

Verification models for space weapons treaties: a flexible, layered approach as a negotiating tool Richard A. Bruneau and Scott G. Lofquist-Morgan

Space security 2006 Sarah Estabrooks

Leveraging the existing UN space machinery for sustainable and secure access to outer space Gérard Brachet

The Outer Space Treaty and enhancing space security Joanne Irene Cabrynowiez

The potential for outer space confidence-building measures Phillip J. Baines

Transparency and confidence-building measures in outer space Anton V. Vasiliev and Alexander A. Klapovsky

European Space Situational Awareness Cerhard Brauer

Confidence-building measures: preventing the great from standing in the way of the good Theresa Hitchens.

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