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Thinking outside the box in multilateral disarmament and arms control negotiations

Geneva : UNIDIR, 2006.
Descripción: xv, 254 p. : il.

ISBN: 9290451877

What do we mean by "thinking outside the box" in multilateral disarmament and arms control negotiations? John Borrie

Diplomats, civil society and academia : some thoughts on the limits of discourse Vanessa Martin Randin

NGOs and multilateral disarmament diplomacy : limits and possibilities David Atwood

Changing perceptions and practice in multilateral arms control negotiations Rebecca Johnson

Cooperation and defection in the Conference on Disarmament John Borrie

Engineering progress : a diplomats perspective on multilateral disarmament Daniël Prins

A physics of diplomacy? The dynamics of complex social phenomena and their implications for multilateral negotiations Aurélia Merçay and John Borrie

Non-linear modelling of small arms proliferation Aurélia Merçay

Security of journalists : making the case for modelling armed violence as a means to promote human security Nathan Taback and Robin Coupland

Investment policies and arms production

experiences from the Norwegian Pension Fund-Global Gro Nystuen

The role of non-governmental organizations in the monitoring and verification of international arms control and disarmament agreements Michael Crowley and Andreas Persbo.

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