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Everlasting flower : a history of Korea

London : Reaktion Books, 2006.
Descripción: 320 páginas : ilustraciones, mapas.

ISBN: 186189273X

Maps: Early Kingdoms on the Korean Peninsula. Modern Korea. Chronology of Korean History


The Creation of State Identity: From Earliest Times to AD 668: Cultural Patterns in Flux. Unified Silla, AD 668-936: The Building of Confidence. Koryó, 918-1392: The Struggle for Independence. Early to Mid-Chosón, 1392-1800: The Search for an Acceptable Orthodoxy

A Century of Insecurity: The Hermit Kingdom, 1800-64: Tradition at Work. Incursion, Modernization and Reform, 1864-1905: Tradition at Bay

A Century of Suffering: Culture under Threat, 1905-45: The Colonial Era. Partition and War, 1945-53: Return to Disunity. Post-War Korea: Tradition and Change.

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