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Modern businnes : a series of texts prepared as part of the moder business course and service of the Alexander Hamilton Institute.

New York : Alexander Hamilton Institute, 1917.
Descripción: 24 volúmenes

v.1. Business and the man Joseph French Johnson

v.2. Economics of business Frank L. McVey

v.3 Organization and control Charles W.Gerstenberg

v.4. Factory and office administration Lee Galloway

v.5. Marketing methods Ralph Starr Butler

v.6. Advertising principles Herbert F. De Bower

v.7. Salesmanship and sales management John G. Jones

v.8. Credit and the credit man Peter P. Wahklstad

v.9. Accounting principles Thomas W. Mitehell

v.10. Cost finding Dexter S. Kimball

v.11. Corporation finance William H. Walker

v.12. Business correspondence Harrison McJohnston

v.13. Advertising campaigns Mac Martin

v.14. Railway traffic Edwin J. Clapp

v.14. Foreign trade and shipping Erich W. Zimmermann

v.15. Banking Major B. Foster

v.16. Domestic and foreign exchange E. L. Stewart Patterson

v.17. Insurance and real estate Edward R. Hardy [y] Walter Lindner

v.18. Merchandising John B. Swinney

v.19. The exchanges and speculation Albert W. Atwood

v.20. Accounting practice and auditing John T. Madden

v.22. Financial and business statements Leo Greendlinger

v.23. Investment Edward D. Jones

v.24. Business and the government Jeremiah W. Jenks.