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Consuming cultures : globalization and local lives

Oxford : NI, 2004.
Descripción: viii, 288 páginas, [8] de láminas color :

ISBN: 1904456081

Setting the scene. Introduction: another sunrise. What is global culture?. The colonizing of hearts and minds. When worlds collide. The haunted labyrinths of the heart

Globalization as imperialism. A history of global culture. Globalization as imperialism. Our cup is broken: the life and death of cultures. Visions and despair: millennial cults. Bearing witness - Kashmiri and Yiddish

The price of success. Arguments in favor of global culture. Arguments against: the creation of a global monoculture. The gods, the Quechua and the Maasai

Reclaiming hearts and minds. Cultures of resistance. The bankruptcy of the soul. Further reading.

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