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Children's rights and perspectives as global educational challenges = Los derechos y perspectivas del niño como reto educacional global


EN: Paideia : revista de educación / Universidad de Concepción.(Concepción, Chile).No. 42 (ene./jun. 2007), p. 23-37.

In the current debate and researeh on children's rights, the questions concerning citizenship and child perspectives are of vital importance. Regarded as a global challenge, children's human rights may be connected to their various life conditions and possible political participation. These topies are discussed in this essay, starting with a proposition about the differenee between focusing children's rights to be heard and to be seen. An internationally important source for children's rights is the Polish author and pedagogue, also medical doctor and leader oftwo child republies in Warszawa during the 1930's, Janusz Korezak, one ofthe most eager proponents of a global child right convention. His view on children and childhood as worthy of respeet in themselves, not just as steps on a ladder towards adulthood, is a basis for the discussion, taking some experiences from developmental projects and eurrent researeh to the fore. The theoretieal tools for the diseussion and analysis are expressed in terms of young people's developmental tasks and the affordances of the environmental childhood culture.

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