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On identity


EN: Daedalus / journal of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences.(Cambridge, Ma.)Vol. 134, no. 2 (fall 2006), 115 p.

Notes toward the definition of 'identity' Akeel Bilgrami

The politics of identityKwame Anthony Appiah

From identity to solidarity David A. Hollinger

Why liberals should value identity politics Courtney Jung

Identity & identities Sydney Shoemaker

Why do individuals matter? Carol Rovane

Many masks, many selves Wendy Doniger

Our brains, our selves Todd E. Feinberg

Genetics, biosocial groups & the future of identity Ian Hacking

The convictions of Peter Debye Glenn C. Altschuler

Were All There for Geoffrey Hill Kevin Carrizo di Camillo

Stew Ariel Dorfman

On Islam & comparative intellectual history Michael Cook

On the future of global energy Daniel G. Nocera.

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