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Korean philosophy : its tradition and modern transformation

Elizabeth, NJ : Hollym, 2004.
Descripción: xv, 576 páginas

ISBN: 1565911784

General introduction to Korean philosophy: Continuity and Discontinuity of Traditional and Modem Philosophy in Korea Lee Seung-hwan. Korean Thought: Its Development Pattern Examined in the Context of Social Circumstances Pak Tong-hwan

Confucianism and its modern impact: Neo-Confucianism in the Early Joseon Dynasty: Some Reflections on the Role of Ye Martina Deuchler. Jeong Dojeon's Philosophy of Political Reform Han Yeong-u. Toegye's Creative Interpretation of Zhu Xi's Philosophy of Principle Tu Weiming. Confucianism and Its Modern Transformation in East Asia Koh Byong-ik. The Legacy of Confucian Culture and South Korean Politics and Economics: An Interpretation Kihl Young Whan. Confucianism and Democracy in East Asia: A Critique of Samuel P. Huntington's The Third Wave Kangjung In

The spirit of Korean Buddhism: Word and Wordlessness: The Spirit of Korean Buddhism Keel Hee-Sung. Wonhyo and the Foundation of Korean Buddhism Ko Ik-chin Seon Buddhist Tradition in Korea as Reflected in Jinul's Seon Sim Chae-ryong. Manhae's Understanding of Buddhism Huh Woosung. Buddhism in Modern Korea Mok jeong-Bae

Practical learning: transformation of tradition: An Introduction to Silhak Michael C. Kalton. Yi Ik and Practical Learning Song Chu-yong. Dasan's View of Man Lee Eul-ho. Jeong Yak-yong: The Man and His Thought Han Yeong-u. The Empiricism of Choe Han-gi Park Chong-hong

Korean philosophy in the era of imperialism and modernization: Human Liberation in Early Modern Korean Thought Keum Jang-tae. The Social Thought of the Independence Club Shin Yong-ha. The Philosophical World of Sin Chae-ho Shin Yong-ha. On the Concepts of "New Korea" Envisioned by Enlightenment Reformers Lee Sang-Ik. Sin Nam-cheol's Adoption of Marxist Philosophy and Its Korean Characteristics Kim Jae-hyun. Ham Seok-heon's National Spirit and Christian Thought Parkjae Soon.

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