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Korean anthropology : contemporary Korean culture in flux

Elizabeth, NJ, Seoul : Hollym, 2007.
Descripción: xv, 657 páginas : ilustraciones

ISBN: 156591175X

How to understand Korean culture. Tradition in Korean society: continuity and change Lim Jae-Hae. Teaching korean culture through korean studies: creating myths to live by Werner Sasse. Representing korean culture in America: a case study of the korean ethnological collections at the smithsonian institution Choi Hyup. study of how koreans view and utilize nature Choi Chang-jo. Living space in the traditional korean houses Shin Young-hoon

Changing tradition. The communal ideology and Its reality: With reference to the emergence of neo-tribalism Kim Kwang-Ok. Kinship in contemporary Korea: normative model versus practice Kim Song-Chul. Peasant culture and modernization in Korea: cultural implications of Saemaeul Movement in the 1970s Oh Myung-Seok. Ancestors becoming Children of God: ritual clashes between confucian tradition and christianity in contemporary Korea Moon Okpyo. Flexible sociality and the postmodernity of Seoul Cho Myung-Rae. A "noisy and bothersome new custom": Delivering a gift box to korean bride Laurel Kendall

The world of women. Occupation, male housekeeper: Male-female roles on Jeju-do Island Yoon Soon-Young. The utilization of residential space and family relations: The case of the korean rural family Park Boo-Jin. "Home is a place to rest": constructing the meaning of work, family and gender in the korean middle class Yi Eunhee Kim. Gender and sexuality as a labor control mechanism: The gender identity of korean female workers in a U.S. multinational corporation Kim Hyun Mee. Woman and the culture surrounding childbirth Kim Eun-Shil. Compartmentalized gender schema: a model of changing male-female relations in korean society Chunghee Sarah Soh

Magic, science and religion in modern Korea. Caught between ancestors and spirits: field report of a korean mansin's healing gut Laurel Kendall. Korean shamanic initiation as therapeutic transformation: a transcultural view Edward R. Canda. Psychological aspects of korean shamanism. Rhi Bou- Yong. Shaman's healing ceremonies in Korea Kim Kwang-iel. Magic, science, and religion on Jeju-do Island Yoon Soon-Young. Dramatic aspect of shamanistic rituals Rhie Sang-il. The strategies of a korean fortune-teller Dawnhee Yim

Too modern too soon?. The social networks of koreans Yee Jaeyeol. Changes in values and generation gap during the past two decades (1979-1998) in Korea Na Eun- Yeong & Cha Jae-ho. The politics of network and social trust: a case study in the organizational culture of the korean venture industry Han Kyung-Koo. Society in a vortex?: Yeonjul network and civil society in Korea Lee Jaehyuck. Smoking in Korea Paul Dredge. Trust, Cooperation and social risk: a cross-cultural comparison Kim Yong-Hak & Son Jaesok.

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