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The state of China atlas

Berkeley ; University of California Press, 2005.
Descripción: 128 páginas : ilustraciones color, mapas color

ISBN: 0520246276

China in the world: Trade. Investing in China. Military Power. International Relations

Chinas people: Population. Urbanization. The Gender Gap. Minority Nationalities

The economy: Entrepreneurial China. Equality and Inequality. Employment. Agriculture. Industry. Services. Tourism. Traffic. Energy

The party-state: The Chinese Communist Party. Central Government. The Peoples Liberation Army. The Center and the Provinces. Rule According to Law. State y Citizens

Living in China: Households. Food. Education. Welfare. Health. Tobacco. Telecommunications. Media. Religion

The environment: Air Pollution. Water Resources. Water Health

Tables: China in the World. China: Population. China: Economy. China: Living and Lifestyle. China: Natural Resources.

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