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Conflicts and tensions

Los Angeles : SAGE, 2007.
Descripción: xxiii, 639 páginas : ilustraciones color, mapas color

ISBN: 9781412934718 (hbk.)

Introducing the Cultures and Globalization Series Helmut K. Anheier and Yudhishthir Raj Isar

Conflicts and tensions: Introduction Y Raj Isar and Helmut K Anheier

Approaches and Developments. Introduction. Globalization and Cultural Conflict: An Institutional Approach Beverly Crawford. Dimensions of Conflict in Globalization and Cultural Practice: A Critical Perspective Rustom Bharucha. Ethnicity and War in a World of Nation-States Brian Mm and Andreas Wimmer. Resistance to Cultural Globalization - A Comparative Analysis Laura Adams, Miguel Centeno, and Charles Varner. Cultural Expression in Globalized Conflict: Cause or Victim? Dragan Klaic. Conflict and the Deliberate Destruction of Cultural Heritage Dacia Viejo Rose

Regional Realities: Introduction. Cultures, Conflict, and Globalization: Africa Francis B. Nyamnjoh. Regional Realities in the Arab World Ahmad S. Moussalli. Globalization and Asian Values Janadas Devan. Globalization and the European Social Model Anthony Giddens. Latin America: Diversity, Invention and Crisis in Cultural Production Aníbal Ford. Managing Cultural Conflicts: State Power and Alternative Globalization in China Yunxiang Yan. Capitalism, Conflict and Churn: How the American Culture War Went Global Ronnie D. Lipschutz

Fault Lines: Tensions, Values and Migration: Introduction. Tensions. Tensions between North and South Hugo Achugar. The West versus the Arab World: Deconstructing the Divide Georges Corm. Islam: Between Religious-Cultural Practice and identity Politics Bassam Tibi. Europe versus America: A Growing Clash within the West? Nathan Gardeis. Values. Value Patterns in Europe and the United States: Is there a Transatlantic Rift? Christian Welzel and Franziska Deutsch. Why Didnt Religion Disappear? Re-examining the Secularization Thesis Ronald lnglehart and Pippa Norris. Migration. Migration, Security and Culture in the USA Leo E Estrada. Migration: the Experience of Argentina Alejandro Grimson. Migration, Conflict and illegitimacy: A Malaysian Case Study Diana Wong

Culture as a tool of conflict prevention and resolution: Creating Concord Organizations: Institutional Design for Bridging Antagonistic Cultures Barbara J. Nelson, Kathryn A. Carver and Linda Kaboolian. Performance, Globalization and Conflict Promotion/Resolution: Experiences from Sri Lanka James Thompson. Performing Gacaca in Rwanda: Local Culture for Justice and Reconciliation Aananda Breed. From violence to Discourse: Conflict and Citizens Radio Stations in Colombia Clemencia Rodríguez and Amparo Cadavid. The Pedagogy of Drums: Culture Mediating Conflict in the Slums of Brazil Silvia Ramos

Indicator suites: Idea and Conceptualization Helmut Anheier Desing and Production Wiliem Henri Lucas. Introdicing Cultural Indicator Suites Helmut K. Anheier

The context of culture: 1A Economic Globalization. 1B Global Civil Society. 1C Political and Legal Globalization. Digest: Globalization Digest: identity

Social aspects of culture: 2A Values. Identities. Economic. Social. Political. Religious. Gender- Religious institutions. Digest: Attitudes towards Globalization. Digest: Values. Digest: Religion. 2B Knowledge. Creation. Dissemination. Storage. Innovation and Protection. Digest: Knowledge. 2C Heritage and Practices. Heritage, Preservation and Destruction Environment. Cultural Participation. Sports. Digest: Heritage Preservation & Destruction. Digest: Environment. Digest: Cultural Participation. Digest: Sports and Recreation

Social aspects of culture: 3A Economy. Global Arts Market. Cultural Consumption and Expenditures. Cultural Industries. Trade in Cultural Goods and Services. Digest: Culture and the Economy. 3B Professions. Cultural Professions. Digest: Cultural Professions. 3C Corporations and Organizations. Transnational Cultural Corporations: Disney. Other Major Media Corporations. Cultural INGOs and Foundations. Digest: Transnational Cultural Corporations. Digest: International INGOs and Foundations

Cultural sites, events and flows: 4A Global Sites and Events. Global Cities: Hong Kong and Mumbai. Global Cities: New York. Global Cities: Los Angeles. Global Cities: London. Global Events. Symbolic Sites and Significant Cities. Digest: Global Cities. Digest: Global Events, Symbolic Sites & Significant Cities. 4B Communications and Media. Human Languages. Print Media. Books. Music. Telephones. The Internet. Blogs. Movies. TV and Radio. TV and Online News. Digest: Human Language. Digest: Print Media. Digest: Books. Digest: Music and Movies. Digest Telephones, the Internet and Blogs. Digest: TV and Radio. Digest: TV and Online News. 4C Movements and Communities. Migration. Refugees and Asylum Seekers. Tourism. Transnational Communities. Transnational Social Movements. Transportation: Airports. Digest: Travel. Digest: Migration, Diasporas & Transnational Communities. Digest: Transnational Movements

5 political systems and culture. 5A Regulatory Frameworks. International Standards. International Regulatory Frameworks. Digest: International Standards. Digest Regulatory Frameworks. 5B Policy. Cultural Diplomacy and Cultural Observations. Digest: Cultural Observatories. 5C Current Conflicts and Cooperation. Arms Conflict Resolution and UN Peacekeeping. Current Conflicts and Issues/Tension. Human Rights. Trafficking and Corruption. Piracy. Digest: Armas. Digest: Conflict Resolution & UN Peacekeeping. Digest:Current Conflicts, Issues and tensions. Digest: Human. Rights. Digest: Terrorism. Digest: Transnacional Crime.

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