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Minin 2008

Santiago de Chile : Universidad de Chile : 2008.
Descripción: xvii, 498 páginas : ilustraciones, diagramas

ISBN: 9789568504137

Sampling and ore deposits evaluation: Legacy Data Quality and its Impact on Mineral Resource Estimation Todd Wakefield. Geological Mapping Strategy Using VNIR Hyperspectral Remote Sensing: Application to the Oman Ophiolite Regis Roy, Patrick Launeau and Veronique Carrere. Mathematical Model for Optimising Sampling Grids in Random Spaces Ramón Peña. Geostatistical Simulation of Mineral Grades Based on Hard and Soft Information Esteban Prado and Xavier Emery. Pattern Recognition Applied to Resource Evaluation: A Conceptual Study Gabriel País and Julián Ortiz. Innovations in Software Development for Resource Evaluation Julián Ortiz...[et al.]. Mineral Control System in Bajo de La Alumbrera Mine, Catamarca, Argentina Rodolfo Zapata, José Antonio Bassan and Julio Bruna. Comparative Analysis of Interpolation Techniques and Estimation Parameters for Spatial Data Safi Rehman and Mohammad Waqar Ali Asad

Geomechanics and geotechnics: A New Biaxial Loading Test-Rig for Testing Mine Rocks Xiaoyou Yun...[et al.]. New Developments in Secondary/Supplemental Ground Support Roland Walker, Matthew Slatter and Luis Talamilla. Ground Support Research at the WA School of Mines Ernesto Villaescusa. Use of Non-conventional Construction Materials and Techniques in MSE Walls for Rockfall Protection of Mining Infrastructure David Gilbert and Erick Soto. Geostatistics Applied to Geotechnical Parameters Matías Egaña...[et al.]. Preconditioning Implementation on Rock Bulks in Codelco Chile and its Results Rigoberto Molina...[et al.]. Using Automatic Theodolite Prisms Information for Geotechnical Decision-Making Charly Muñoz and Sebastián González. Improvement of the Pre-Stressing Cycle of Cables Luis Talamilla and Roland Walker

Information and automation technologies: Underground Network Communications: Adding Mining Specific Value to Unified Communications Infrastructure Christoph Müller. Automated Real-Time Elementary Analysis of Rock Partings during Drilling and Extraction Using LIBS Technology Karl Nienhaus...[at al.]. Manufacturing Execution System Simine MES for the Mining Industry Karl-Heinz Gerlach. Integration of Radio Communications Platforms (Technologies) Associated with El Teniente Divisions Production César Ortega and Julio Vergara. Robust Radar-Based Sensor Solutions for Mining Automation and Safety - Experimental Results, References and Applicability to Copper Mining Reik Winkel and Karl Nienhaus. Development of an Acoustic Method for the Real-Time Detection of Loose Rock and Boundary Layers for Selective Mining Technology Hossein Tudeshki and Heiko Hertel. Presence Detection System at El Teniente Underground Mine Felipe Moreno...[et al.].

Mine planning: Caving Technology Development and its Application by Newcrest Mining at Cadia East Project German Flores and Andrew Logan. An Experimental Review and Simulations of Gravity Flow in Coarse Materials for Biock/Panel Caving Raúl Castro and Robert Trueman. Discrete Events Simulation to Integrate Operational Interruption Events in Block Caving Production Scheduling Enrique Rubio and Sebastián Troncoso. Strategic Mine Planning at Morro da Mina Mine Considering the Limits of the Property Belisario Ascarza, Ivo Cabral and Hernani Mota De Lima. Planning Caving Operations Using Underground Infrastructure Reliability Models Enrique Rubio, Sebastián Troncoso and Rudy Prasetyo. Measuring and Mitigating Risk in Mining Operations Juan Esteban Fuentes, Tom George and James Whittaker. A Numerical Modelling Approach to Assess Stability of Underground Mine Access for Mine Planning Yaohua Zhang and Hani Mitri. Rock Preconditioning Application in Virgin Caving Condition in a Panel Caving Mine, Codelco Chile, El Teniente Division Octavio Araneda...[et al.].

Mine unit operations: Custom Made Functional Polymer Piping Solution for Mining Applications Charlotta Risku, Patrick Jansson and Johan Forssten. Smart Mining Systems Robert Coyle and Steven Holmes. Long Hole Drilling in Chilean Underground Mines -Applications, Capacities and Trends Andrzej Zablocki. Enhancing Asset Productivity of Extraction and Haulage Processes at Esmeralda Mine, El Teniente Division Mauricio Barraza, Rigoberto Rimmelin and César Guzmán. Dust Control Solutions for Crushing Plants Juan Zurita and Miguel Salinas. In-Pit Crushing and Conveying Systems - Tailored Options for Overburden Removal in Open Pit Mines Christian Cavagnaro. Material Handling Simulation of a Mining Project Andrés Arias

Integrated mine and maintenance management: The Role of the Management of Technology in the Mining Business Carlos Espinoza. Management of Lessons Learned with an Ad-Hoc Knowledge -Based System Sergio Medrano, Aldo Aedo and Alberto Caneo. Stockpiles Monitoring for Mine Management, Codelco Chile, El Teniente Division Felipe Moreno...[et al.]. Quality Control in Iscaycruz Mine Ghercy Ayala. Predictive Modelling of Mining Equipment Condition Using Data Mining Tadeusz Golosinski and Hui Hu. Asset Performance Management Drives Mining Profitability: Increasing Coal Production without Significant Capital Investment Adam Aguzzi and Charlie Payne. Optimal Replacement Intervals for Mining Equipment: A CRU Model to Improve Mining Equipment Management Ronald Galisky, Juan Ignacio Guzmán and Michael Insulán. The Effects of Reliability-Centered Maintenance on the Profits and Losses Chart in a Company Guillermo Sueiro.

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