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Sex and death : an introduction to philosophy of biology

Chicago, : University of Chicago, 1999.
Descripción: xv, 440 páginas : ilustraciones

ISBN: 0226773043 (pbk. : acid-free paper)

Introduction: Theory Really Matters: Philosophy of Biology and Social Issues. The Science of Life Itself. Is There an Essential Human Nature?. Is Genuine Altruism Possible?. Are Human Beings Programmed by Their Genes?. Biology and the Pre-emption of Social Science. What Should Conservationists Conserve?. The Received View of Evolution. The Diversity of Life. Evolution and Natural Selection. The Received View and Its Challenges

Genes, Molecules, and Organisms: The Genes Eye View of Evolution. Replicators and Interactors. The Special Status of Replicators. The Bookkeeping Argument. The Extended Phenotype. The Organism Strikes Back. What Is a Gene?. Genes Are Active Germ Line Replicators. Genes Are Difference Makers. The Developmental Systems Alternative. Gene Selectionism and Development. Epigenetic Inheritance and Beyond. The Interactionist Consensus. Information in Development. Other Grounds for Privileging Genes. Developmental Systems and Extended Replicators. One True Story?. Mendel and Molecules. How Theories Relate: Displacement, Incorporation, and Integration. What Is Mendelian Genetics?. Molecular Genetics: Transcription and Translation. Gene Regulation. Are Genes Protein Makers?. Reduction: For and Against. The Antireductionist Consensus. Reduction by Degrees?. Are Genes DNA Sequences Plus Contexts?. The Reductionist Anticonsensus

Organisms, Groups, and Species: Organisms, Groups, and Superorganisms. Interactors. The Challenge of Altruism. Group Selection: Take 1. Group Selection: Take 2. Population-Structured Evolution. Organisms and Superorganisms. Species. Are Species Real?. The Nature of Species. The One True Tree of Life. Species Selection

Evolutionary Explanations: Adaptation, Perfection, Function. Adaptation. Function. The Attack on Adaptationism. What Ls Adaptationism?. Structuralism and the Bauplan. Optimality and Falsifiability. Adaptation and the Comparative Method. Adaptation, Ecology, and the Environment. The Received View in Ecology. History and Theory in Ecology. The Balance of Nature. Niches and Organisms. Reconstructing Niches. Unfinished Business. Life on Earth: The Big Picture. The Arrow of Time and the Ladder of Progress. Goulds Challenge. What Is Disparity?. Contingency and Its Consequences. Mass Extinction and the History of Life. Conclusions

Evolution and Human Nature: From Sociobiology to Evolutionary Psychology. 1975 and All That. The Wilson Program. From Darwinian Behaviorism to Darwinian Psychology. Evolutionary Psychology and Its Promise. Evolutionary Psychology and Its Problems. Memes and Cultural Evolution. A Case Study: Evolutionary Theories of Emotion. Darwin on the Emotions. Sociobiology and Evolutionary Psychology on the Emotions. The Modular Emotions. Beyond the Modular Emotions. Emotion, Evolution, and Evolved Psychology

Concluding Thoughts: What Is Life?. Defining Life. Universal Biology. Simulation and Emergente.

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