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Political thought and political thinkers

Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 1998.
Descripción: xxvi, 402 páginas

ISBN: 0226753468

Learning about Politics: The Liberalism of Fear. Political Theory and the Rule of Law. Obligation, Loyalty, Exile. The Bonds of Exile

Learning about Thought: Squaring the Hermeneutic Circle. Politics and the Intellect. Learning without Knowing. Subversive Genealogies. The Political Theory of Utopia: From Melancholy to Nostalgia. What Is the Use of Utopia?

Learning about Thinkers: Poetry and the Political Imagination in Popes An Essay on Man. Ideology Hunting: The Case of James Harrington. Montesquieu and the New Republicanism. Reading the Social Contract. Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Equality. Jean DAlembert and the Rehabilitation of History. Bergson and the Politics of Intuition. Nineteen Eighty-Four: Should Political Theory Care?. Rethinking the Past. Hannah Arendt as Pariah. The Work of Michael Walzer.

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