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Security in space : the next generation : conference report 31 march - 1 april 2008

New York : United States, 2008.
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ISBN: 9789290451921

Providing space security for the next generation. Space Generation and Advisory Council Alexander Karl.Security in outer space: do not duplicate historical mistakes Wang Daxue. Down to earth: a solution to a global problem? Geraint Morgan. Space security: the need to safeguard outer space for the next generation Yvette Stevens. Next generation space security challenges Jessica West

Building trust in the future. No harmful interference with space objects: the key to conference building Samuel Black. Transparency and confidence-building measures Garold Larson. Transparency and confidence-building measures: their place and role in space security Andrey Makarov

From confrontation to cooperation. Safeguarding outer space: on the road to debris mitigation Maureen Williams. An International Civil Aviation Organization for outer space? Tommaso Sgobba

Long-term sustainability of space activities Gerard Brachet. From space dominance to equitable rules and mutual restraint Nancy Gallagher

Treaties and agreements: the new generation. The draft Treaty on the Prevention of Placement of Weapons in Outer Space, the Threat or Use of Force Against Outer Space Objects Victor Vasiliev. Russian-Chinese space-weapons ban proposal: a critique Theresa Hitchens. International legal standards and the weaponization of outer space David Koplow

Next generation, next steps. Achieving a sustainable space environment Ray Williamson and Cynda Collins Arsenault. Space security and satellite applications in humanitarian aid Francesco Pisano and Einar Bjorgo. Canada's perspective on space security Pearl Williams.

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