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Queen Isabella : treachery, adultery, and murder in medieval England

New York : Ballantine Books, 2005.
Descripción: xxi, 487 páginas ,[16] páginas de láminas

ISBN: 0345453190

Introduction: The She-Wolf of France

Isabella and Edward: The Fair Maiden. The King Is Lovesick for His Minion. All That Is Prudent, Amiable, and Feminine. His Dearest Companion. The Displeasure of the Queen. Then Let Her Live Abandoned and Forlorn

Isabella and Mortimer: Mortimer and Isabel Do Kiss When They Conspire. Welcome, in Gods Name, Madam and Your Son. Plots and Stratagems. Now, Mortimer~ Begins Our Tragedy

Iabella: Our Dearest Mother.

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