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Richard the Third

New York : W. W. Norton, 1996.
Descripción: 602 páginas : ilustraciones

The Kings Brother: Richard, Duke of Gloucester. Cradle of violence. The wheel of time. Middleham Castle. Warwick. Lion into fox. The kings man. Barnet. Tewkesbury. Lord of the North. Anne. Edward and Louis. The malcontent. The northerner. Prop of the throne

The King: Protector and Defensor. Deathbed of a king. The Woodvilles. The kings uncle. The government of the realm. Treason. The road to the throne. The choice. Richard, by Grace of God. England: 1483. The kings progress. Conspiracy. The great rebellion. Spring. Summer. Christmas. Man and governor. Castle of 1115 care. Invasion. Bosworth field


Appendix: Who murdered the princes?. Richards reputation.

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