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The roots of morality

University Park : Pennsylvania State University, 2008.
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ISBN: 9780271033921

Prologue: Human Nature and Human Morality: The Challenge of Grounding the Moral Sense. Introduction. The Foundations Laid by Hume in His Moral Philosophy. On the Origin of Sympathy and Selfishness: An Initial Determination. Unevenly Valorized Binary Oppositions: A Question of Life and Death. Humes Affective Polarity Revisited. The Culture/Nature Opposition

Size, Power, and Death: Constituents in the Making of Human Morality: Introduction. Size and Power. Cultural Translations of Biological Facts. Cultural Transformations and Evolutionary Ethics. Immortality Ideologies. Implications

Death and Immortality Ideologies in Western Philosophy: Introduction. Descartes. Heidegger and Immortality Ideologies. Psychological Underpinnings of Immortality Ideologies. Derridas Immortality Reading of Husserl and Derridas Own Immortality Ideology. The Double: A Further Sign of Derridas Immortality Ideology. The Last Word and the Ultimate Mortal Question Notes

Real Male-Male Competition: Introduction. On Natural and Sexual Selection. Darwins Seminal Insights into Male-Male. Competition and Their Total Neglect in Current Research. Exemplifications. Evolutionary Considerations. A Methodological Imperative and A Closing Apologue. An Afterword

On the Pan-Cultural Origins of Evil: Introduction. The Banality of Evil. Affective Elaborations of the Banality of Evil. Toward Pan-Cultural Understandings of the Banality of Evil. Beginning Evolutionary Considerations. Clarifications Along Motivational Lines. Killing, Death, Fear: Elementary Facts of Human Life. Warriors and the Heroic Honing of Males. A Finer Analysis of Motivation. Broader Socio-Political Understandings of the Heroic Honing of Males: A Return to Evolutionary Considerations. Classic Studies: An Afterword on History and Science Notes

Empathy: Introduction. Early Clues and Husserls Archival Texts. Affect Attunement and the Qualitative Nature of Movement. Emotions and Movement. Spontaneity. The Kinetic Foundations of "Knowing Other Minds. Responsivity. Deepened Understanding of Empathy. A Postscript on Origins, History, and Methodology Notes

Childs Play: A Multidisciplinary Perspective. Introduction. Rough and Tumble Play. Locomotor-Rotational Play. Play and Laughter. Morality and Childs Play Notes

On the Nature of Trust: Introduction. Learning to Trust: Uncovering Affective and Existential Realities. A Critical Examination of Luhmanns Thesis of a "Readiness to Trust". Affective Experience, Human Freedom, and Uncertainty: Deepened Understandings of Trust

The Rationality of Caring: Forging a Genuine Evolutionary Ethics. Introduction. Transfers of Sense: The Ground of Caring. Comsigns: The Evolutionary Basis of Intercorporeal Life. The Rationality of Caring: Laying the Groundwork. The Living Import of the "Metaphysically Significant": The Experience of Interconnectedness. The Living Import of the Metaphysically Significant: Interconnectedness, the Principle of Not Harming, and "Difference Removed". A Closer Look at the First Moral Principle and the Challenge of Human Existence

Epilogue: Re-Naturing the De-Natured Species: An Interdisciplinary Perspective. Introduction. Endangered Species. Ontogeny and Natural Signs. Aggressive Complexities in the Socialization of Fear. Acquisitive Complexities in the Socialization of Fear. On Psychological Ignorance. A Moral Education. Concluding Thought.

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