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The exploit : a theory of networks

Minneapolis : University of Minnesota Press, 2007 copyright.
Descripción: vii, 196 páginas

ISBN: 9780816650446 (pb : alk. paper)

On reading this book

Proleogmenon: "we're tired of trees"

A global dynamic -political atomism-unilateralism versus multilateralism-ubiquity and universality-occultism and cryptography-networks fighting networks-the new sovereignty


Technology (or theory)

Theory (or technology)

Protocol in computer networks

Protocol in biological networks

An encoded life

Toward a political ontology of networks

The defacement of enmity

Biopolitics and protocol


The exploit



The datum of cura I

The datum of cura II

Sovereignty and biology I

Sovereignty and biology II

Abandoning the body politic

The ghost in the network

Birth of the algorithm

Political animals

Sovereignty and the state of emergency

Fork bomb I

Epidemic and endemic

Network being

Good viruses (simSARS I)

Medical surveillance (simSARS II)

Feedback versus interaction I

Feedback versus interaction II

Rhetorics of freedom

A Google search for my body

Divine metabolism

Fork bomb II

The paranormal and the pathological I

The paranormal and the pathological II

Universals of identification


Fork bomb III

Unknown unknowns

Codification, not reification

Tactics of nonexistence

Disappearance; or, I've seen it all before

Stop motion

Pure metal

The hypertrophy of matter

The user and the programmer

Fork bomb IV


There is no content

Trash, junk, spam

Coda: bits and atoms

Appendix: Notes for a liberated computer language



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