The dialectics of secularization : on reason and religion

San Francisco : Ignatius Press, 2006.
Descripción: 85 páginas

ISBN: 9781586171667 (hardback : alk. paper)

Jürgen Haberlas Pre-political Foundations of the Democratic Constitutional State?. The justification of the secular constitutional state on the basis of the sources of practical reason. How is the solidarity of the citizens of the state reproduced?. When the societal bond breaks Excursus. Secularization as a twofold and complementary learning process. How should believing and unbelieving citizens treat one another?

Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger. That Which Holds the Word Together: The Pre-political Moral Foundations of a Free State. Power and law. New forms of power and new questions about how these are to be mastered. Presuppositions of the law: Law-nature-reason. The intercultural dimension and its consequences.

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