Zulliger, Hans, (compilado)

Korea up close : photographic encounters by foreign observers

Seoul : Seoul Selection, 2007.
Descripción: 188 páginas : ilustraciones (principalmente coloreadas)

ISBN: 9788991913189

Asurge for the senses . Faces of Korea. Seoul Streets: Part I Seoul Streets: Part II. Mary Eats. What Do You Put in Your Mouth? A Glimpse at Traditional Ceremonies

Tradition and art up close. Far from the Maddening Crowd. Three Thousand Bows. Stillness of Dawn. Thwack of an Arrow Beats the Day. Cheon Han-bong, the living Saga of Pottery. The Thousand Character Classic. Lords of Swords

Almost Korean. Soju, the Cultural Oxygen. The Little Neighbor with Wings. Please Don't Stop Eating. Three Wise People from the East. Korean Hospitality

Daily encounters. The Wonders of Fusion. Life at Jjimjilbang. Gosiwon Fever. The Weekend Traveler. The Eyeful lslands of the South, Oryukdo. Culinary Observations. Getting Fortunes Told. Korean Birds under Threat of Extinction. Feeling Chungnam. A Walk from a Temple to the City. Enchanted by the Sudden Cheongju Morning.

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