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Evidence on the terror in Chile

London : Merlin Press, 1974.
Descripción: [11], 139 páginas

ISBN: 0850361990 : ¹0.75

Evidence. The Price of Solidarity . The Conspiracy Continues. Guacolda's Story: a Mapuche Indian from Cautí­n. Hitler's Saw . How to Kill a Child. Joao, in the Chile Stadium. Cell Two- Torture Chamber.The "Latin American Sewer". A Letter from Jacqueline. Oscar Manuel, an Argentinian Worker. Gabriela and José, Scholarship Students in Chile. The Second Basement in the Ministry. A Purple Pullover. The Destruction of a Culture. The Words of "Camilo Henrique" in a Paris Café. Letter from Pontius Pilate. 'Patriot Denounce your Foreign Neighbour'. Leonor in the Floating Gaol for Women. The Prisoners of Pisagua. Neusa, among the Peasants in the South. The Assault on the Moneda Palace. Beatriz Allende: My Father's Last Few Hours. Allende Speaks. Homage to comrade Allende by E.P. T. Thompson

Death of a democracy Raoul Silva. The Legacy of Salvador Allende. Alliances and Political Concessions. The Christian Democracy (1964-1970). The Triumph of the Popular Unity. The Internal Conspiracy and the Silent Vietnam. Secret Documents of the lTT. Opposition in Parliament. The Parliamentary Elections of 1973: The Point of No Return. Agreement for a Civil and Military Action. The Tank-Revolt of June 29th: A Dress Rehearsal. Arms Control and the Army Purge. The Truck-Owners Strike. The Resignation of General Prats. Pinochet's Treachery: Testimony of Joan Garces. Outlook for the Popular Movement.

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