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Libraries and information services towards the attainment of the UN millennium development goals

Mãunchen : K.G. Saur, 2008.
Descripción: 224 páginas : ilustraciones

ISBN: 9783598220401

Libraries and Information Service in Facilitating Knowledge Production and Management for the Millennium Development Goals Andrew M Kaniki

MDGs, WSIS, UNESCO's MTS and IFAP: Alphabet Soup or Opportunities for Libraries? Peter Johan Lor

The e-Agriculture Initiative: Achieving the MDGs through Sharing of Innovative Experiences Justin Chisenga

Managing Indigenous and Exogenous Knowledge Through Information and Communication Technologies for Agricultural Development and Achievement ofthe UN Millennium Development Goals Edda Tandi Lwoga and Patrick Ngulube

The significance of Marketing Library and Information Services in ensuring that Libraries Contribute to the Attainment ofthe Millennium Development Goals Benson Njobvu

The Role of Lesotho Acadernic Libraries in the attainment of the MDGs Albert K. Kakoma and Lineo M Mariti

Re-thinking Boundaries in the African LIS Work Place: a Contribution to the Attainment of the Millennium Development Goals Jaya Raju

Mainstreaming National Library and Information Services for the Attainrnent of MDGs: a case for the National Library Policy in Zambia Charles B. M Lungu

Libraries re-loaded in Service of the Marginalized Juliano M Kabamba

Strengthening Women Farmer's Networks to Contribute to the Millenium Development Goals J. R. Ikoja-Odongo

Knowledge Management for Environmental Sustainability in Africa Priti Jain

The Role of Libraries and lnformation Services in Ensuring Environmental Sustainability Irene Godfrey Lungu and Benson Njobvu

Library and lnformation Services and Human Resources Development: Imperatives for meeting the Millennium Development Goals Vicki Lawal.

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