Pensions for the future: developing individually funded programs

Lima : FIAP, 2009.
Descripción: 469 páginas

Pension reform and economic and social development. New directions for pension system performance measurement Olivia S. Mitchell

Lessons from the reforms. Reforms in Central and Eastern Europe: selected issues Marek Góra. The Swedish pension reform Bjéirn Nilsson. A prospective valuation of the reforms in Latin America David Tuesta. Lessons from the retirement savings system in Australia Pauline Vamos. Impact of the reforms: a global view Jonathan Davis

Regulating investments. Portfolio diversification rules in mandated defined contribution pension plans Hemant Shah. Migration from a single portfolio to multi-funds: what is the next step? Jorge Ramos. Yield guarantees Melvin Escudero. Pension fund performance: the evidence Pablo Antolín

Supervision models. Supervision models: trends in pension fund supervision John Ashcroft. Risk-based supervision of pensions Gregory Brunner

Coverage. Participation of self-employed workers in the Peruvian social security system José Cuesta. How can the contribution density of self-employed workers be increased? Fernando Larraín. Voluntary retirement savings: motivations, incentives and design Richard Hinz

Pension options. Pension options Guillermo Martinez. How can a life annuity market be developed? Rodolfo Wehrhah. Generating income for life Larry Norman

Managing the business. Comparative models of contribution collection in Latin America Hugo Bertín. Commissions structure in an AFP system Augusto Iglesias. Managing the business: commercial strategies Jorge Matuk. Commercial strategies and the regulatory environmentBernhard Lotterer

Disabillty and survivorship insurance: case analysis. Disability and Survivorship Insurance: the Case of Argentina Carlos Weitz . Disability and Survivorship Insurance: the Case of Chile Gonzalo Reyes. The Pension System in Mexico: Disability and Life Insurance Rosa Inés González

Recent and up-coming reforms. The China case Norman Sorensen. Recent and up-coming relorms: pensions relorm in the UK John Ashcrolt. The Romanian pension reform Bram Boon. Kiwisaver. New Zealand case study: choice and competition Vance Arkinstall

The future of pensions in Peru. Solving the problem of coverage in Peru Eduardo Morón. Quality of social protection in Peru Hugo Ñopo. Rethinking the Peruvian capital market in the context of the AFPs Pablo Secada. The future of the fully-funded system in Peru: the supervisor's view Lorena Masías

Pension reforms: has the battle for public opinion been won? Pension reforms: has the battle for public opinion been won? Roberto Méndez. Pension reforms: has the battle for public opinion been won? Cristina Bitar

Closing words José Arista y Guillermo Arthur.

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