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Chilean housing policy : a case of social and spatial exclusion

Berlin : Lit Verlag, 2008.
Descripción: 188 páginas : ilustraciones, diagramas, planos.

ISBN: 9783825898748

Introduction. Genesis and Motivation of the Research. Framing the Problem. Organisation of the Dissertation. Theoretieal Framework. The "Social Question" and the Role of the State. New Inequalities? The Rise of Social Exclusion. The Role of Housing Policies: General Issues. Housing Policies and Inequality: Research Issues. Housing and Social Exclusion: a Close Relation. Upgrading: a Holistic Approach for Housing Improvement. Integration and Social Housing. Social Exclusion through Housing in Chile: a Theoretical Model. Methodology. General Orientation. The Case Study. Methodological Tools and Sources Instruments and Procedure for the Case Studies

Social Housing Policies in Chile. The Origins of the "Social Question" (1875-1925). The Early Intents of Institutionalisation (1925-1950). The Dreams of "Welfare Times" 1953-1973. The Neo-Liberal Agenda (J 973-1989). The Birth of the Current Housing System. Main Current Housing Programmers. General Achievernents of Current Housing Policy. Housing Policy in Santiago. Impacts of Housing Policy on the City. Clustering and Selection of Case Studies. Case Studies. Villa San Ricardo, La Pintana. Villa Horizonte, Puente Alto. Villa Las Cumbres, Macul. Cornparative Surnmary of the Three Cases. Main Conclusions of the Case Studies

Conclusions, Interpretations and New lnsights. The Historical Pattems of Housing Policy. Social and Spatial Exclusion in the City of Santiago. The Cases Studies and Exclusion through Housing. Surnmary of Conclusions.

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