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Country-led monitoring and evaluation systems : better evidence, better policies, better development results

[Suiza] : UNICEF, 2009.
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Why country-led monitoring and evaluation systems? Enhancing evidence-based policy making through country-Ied monitoring and evaluation systems. Marco Seqone, Senior Regional Advisor, Monitoring and Evaluation, UNICEF Regional Office for CEE/CIS, and former IOCE Vice President. Evaluating development. Is the country the right unit of account? Robert Picciotto, Visiting Professor, King's College, London and former Director General, Evaluation, the World Bank. The strategic intent. Understanding strategic intent is the key to successful country-led monitoring and evaluation systems. Jean Serge Quesnel, Professor at the United Nations System Staff College, Adjunct Professor at Carleton University and Professeur Associé at the École Nationale Administration Publique of Quebec. Supporting partner country ownership and capacity in development evaluation. The OECD DAC evaluation network. Hans Lundgren, Head of Evaluation Section, Oevelopment Co-operation Directorate, OECO Megan Kennedy, Consultant, OECO. Country-led evaluations. Learning from experience. Osvaldo Feinstein, Professor at the Master in Evaluation, Complutense University, Madrid, and former Manager, Operations Evaluation Department, the World Bank. Country-led impact evaluation. A survey of development practitioners. Marie-Héléne Adrien, President, Universalia, and former President, IDEAS Denis Jobin, Vice President, IDEAS, and Manager, Evaluation Unit, National Crime Prevention Center, Public Safety, Canada. The role of national, regional and international evaluation organizations in strengthening country-Ied monitoring and evaluation systems. Oumoul Khayri Ba Tall, President,lnternational Organization for Cooperation in Evaluation (lOCE). Bringing statistics to citizens: a "rnust" to build democracy in the XXI century. Enrico Giovannini, Chief Statistician, OECD. Proactive is the magic word. Petteri Baer, Regional Advisor, Statistical Division, Un Economic Commission for Europe

Good practices in country-led monitoring and evaluation systems. Building monitoring and evaluation systems to improve government performance. Keith Mackay, Evaluation Capacity Development Coordinator, Independent Evaluation Group, the World Bank. Getting the logic right. How a strong theory of change supports programmes which work! Jody Zall Kusek, Lead Coordinator of Global HIV/AIDS Monitoring and Evaluation Group, the World Bank. Ray C. Rist, Advisor, the World Bank, and President, International Development Evaluation Association (IDEAS). Real World Evaluation: conducting evaluations under budget, time, data and political constraints. Michael Bamberger, Independent consultant Jim Rugh, Independent international program evaluator. Strengthening country data collection systems. The role of the Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys Marco Segone, Senior Regional Advisor, Monitoring and Evaluation UNICEF CEE/CIS. George Sakvarelidze, Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist UNICEF CEE/CIS. Daniel Vadnais, Data Dissemination Specialist UNICEF Headquarters. Strengthening country data dissemination systems. Good practices in using Devlnfo. Nicolas Pron, Devlnfo Global Administrator, UNICEF Headquarters. Kris Oswalt, Executive Director, Devlnfo Support Group. Marco Segone, Senior Regional Advisor, Monitoring and Evaluation, UNICEF CEE/CIS. George Sakvarelidze, Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist, UNICEF CEE/CIS Making data meaningful. Writing stories about numbers*. UNECE, Statistica/ Dissemination and Communication, Conference of European Statisticians.

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