Investments and payouts in funded pension systems

Santiago de Chile : FIAP, 2009.
Descripción: 285 páginas : diagramas

ISBN: 9789568853013

Accumulation stage investment performance. Pension funds returns: The case of Central and Eastern Europe Dariusz Stariko. The financial performance of mandatory pension funds in Latin America Daniel Artana. What's the level of financial risk that a dc funded pension system should take? Risk and pensions Eduardo Walker. Business cycles and pension funds. Asset prices in the economic cycle: a historical perspective David Tuesta. Innovative solutions for managing risk in volatile times Brett Collins. International portfolio diversification for pension funds Marlies van Boom. Trends in pension funds investments. Pension funds and investments in infrastructure Sheila Beckett.Thematic investments Philippe Rohner. Exchange Traded Funds Deborah Fuhr

Decumulation stage. Optimal pension modes in a mandatory pension system. Optimal pension modes in a mandatory pension system Wojciech Otto. Annuities and programmed withdrawals. Annuities & Regulation: a business point of view Tom Kliphuis. Programmed Wilhdrawals Augusto Iglesias. Annually Markets: The challenge of inflation Dimitri Vitlas. The market for pensions. Annuity markets: key factors for success Recaredo Arias. Making choices in the pension payout phase Fiona Stewart. Global aging and the future of funded pensions Richard Jackson

Prospects for Poland 's and European pension systems. Perspectives of Polish pension system. Open Pension Funds in Poland, a snapshot of next decade 2009-2019 Tomasz Bañkowski. Open Pension Funds: a part of social security in Poland Marek Góra. Pension reform in Poland in the context of worldwide Reforms - the challenges for the future Michat Rutkowski. Mandatory pension funds in Europe: what's their future? Mandatory pension funds in Europe and beyond: what is their future? Klaus Schmidt-Hebbel.

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