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Globalization and growth implications for a post-crisis world

Washington, DC : World Bank, 2010.
Descripción: xxxii, 347 páginas : ilustraciones, mapa.

ISBN: 9780821382202

Globalization Revisited Danny Leipziger. The Global Financial Crisis: Causes, Mitigation, and Reform. The Crisis of 2008: Structural Lessons for and from Economics Daron Acemoglu. Financial Innovation, Regulation, and Reform Charles W. Calomiris. Financial Crisis and Global Governance: A Network Analysis Andrew Sheng. Understanding Global Imbalances Richard N. Cooper. Macro Crises and Targeting Transfers to the Poor Ravi Kanbur

How to Foster Real Growth. Growth after the Crisis Dani Rodrik. Current Debates on Infrastructure Policy Antonio Estache and Marianne Fay. Exports of Manufactures and Economic Growth: The Fallacy of Com.position Revisited William R. Cline. Industry Growth and the Case for Countercyclical Stimulus Packages Philippe Aghion, David Hemous, and Enisse Kharroubi

Long-Term Challenges to Growth. Greenhouse Emissions and Climate Change: Implications for Developing Countries and Public Policy David Wheeler. Climate Change and Economic Growth Robert Mendelsohn. Population Aging and Economic Growth David E. Bloom, David Canning, and Günther Fink.

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