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Cities for all : Proposals and experiences towards the right to the City

Santiago, Chile : Habitat International Coalition (HIC) 2010.
Descripción: 324 páginas : ilustraciones

ISBN: 9789562080903

Cities for All: Articulating the Social-Urban Capacities Ana Sugranyes and Charlotte Mathivet

The Right to the City: Keys to Understanding the Proposal for "Another City is Possible"/ Charlotte Mathivet

proposals for the right to the city. Democracy in Search of the Future City Jordi Borja Countering the Right to the Accessible City: The Perversity of a Consensual Demand Yves Jouffe

Examining the Right to the City from a Gender Perspective Shelley Buckingham

The Right to the City and Gendered Everyday Life Tovi Fenster

A Horizon for Public Policies? Notes on Happiness Patricia Ezquerra y Henry Renna

Rights in Cities and the Right to the City? Peter Marcuse

A New Alliance for the City? Opportunities and Challenges of a (Globalizing) Right to the City Movement Giuseppe Caruso

The Construction Process towards the Right to the City in Latin America Enrique Ortiz

The Concept and Implementation of the Right to the City in Anglophone Africa Mobola Fajemirokun

Experiences of the right to the city. People's struggles against marginalization and forced eviction Abahlali basemojondolo & the Popular Struggle for the Right to the City in Durban, South Africa Richard Pithouse

Pavement-Dwellers' Movements inmumbai, India María Cristina Harris

Villa Los Cóndores, Temuco, Chile Against Eviction and for the Right to the City Ana Sugranyes

Homeless People Fight for the Right to Housing, in Mar del Plata, Argentina Ana Núñez

Park Dwellers' Fight in Osaka, Japan: Homeless demanding the Right to the City Marie Bailloux

(Re)claiming Citizenship Rights in Accra, Ghana Afia Afenah

The 2008 Beijing Olympics, China María Cristina Harris

On Defeats and Triumphs in Exercising the Right to the City: Reflections Based on Recent Experiences in Cities in ArgentinaMaria carla Rodríguez, María laura Canestraro, Marianne Von Lücken

Inhabitants of Gaziret al-Dhahab Island, Cairo Face Eviction María Cristina Harris

From Protest to Proposal to Project in Villa Esfuerzo, Santo Domingo Steffen Lajoie

People's initiatives of empowerment. Building Cities for and by the People: The Right to the City in Africa Joseph Fumtim

El Movimiento de Pobladores en Lucha, Santiago, Chile Charlotte Mathivet y Claudio Pulgar

Involving Children in Urban Planning Felipe Morales y Alejandra Elgueta

The OUR Waterfront Campaign, Defending the Right to the City in New York Shelley Buckingham

Urban Land Committees, Venezuela Héctor Madera

Organizing, Power, and Political Support in Caracas, Venezuela Steffen Lajoie

We are Making a City, Bolivia Rose Mary lrusta Pérez

Community Organizing, Building Power, and Winning a Right to the City in Toronto's Low Income Neighborhoods Steffen Lajoie

Legal framework of the right to the city. The History of Urban Reform in Brazil Nelson Saule Júnior y Karina Uzzo

Mexico City Charter: The Right to Build the City We Dream About Lorena Zárate

Policy and Legal Perspectives on Actualizing the Right to the City in Nigeria Mobola Fajemirokun

The Path of the Right to the City in Bolivia Uvaldo Mamani

The Social Contract for Housing, Ecuador Silvana Ruiz Pozo y Vanessa Pinto

Planning and Public Policies. The World Class City Concept and its Repercussions on Urban Planning for Cities in the Asia Pacific Region Arif Hasan

Addressing Women's Urban Safety Through the Right to the City, Poland Shelley Buckingham

Graz or the Right to a Human City Marie Bailloux

Enjoying Slow Life: Let's Slow Down Cities! Charlotte Mathivet .

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