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The fourth paradigm : data-intensive scientific discovery

Redmond, Washington : Microsoft Research, 2010.
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ISBN: 9780982544204

Earth and environment. Gray's laws : database-centric computing in science Alexander S. Szalay, José A. Blakeley. The emerging science of environmental applications Jeff Dozier, William B. Gail. Redefining ecological science using data James R. Hunt, Dennis D. Baldocchi, Catharine van Ingen. A 2020 vision for ocean science John R. Delaney, Roger S. Barga. Bringing the night sky closer : discoveries in the data deluge Alyssa A. Goodman, Curtis G. Wong. Instrumenting the earth : next-generation sensor networks and environmental science Michael Lehning, Nicholas Dawes, Mathias Bavay, Marc Parlange, Suman Nath, Feng Zhao

Health and wellbeing. The healthcare singularity and the age of semantic medicine Michael Gillam, Craig Feied, Jonathan Handler, Eliza Moody, Ben Shneiderman, Catherine Plaisant, Mark Smith, John Dickason. Healthcare delivery in developing countries : challenges and potential solutions Joel Robertson, Del DeHart, Kristin Tolle, David Heckerman. Discovering the wiring diagram of the brain Jeff W. Lichtman, R. Clay Reid, Hanspeter Pfister, Michael F. Cohen. Toward a computational microscope for neurobiology Eric Horvitz, William Kristan. A unified modeling approach to data-intensive healthcare Iain Buchan, John Winn, Chris Bishop. Visualization in process algebra models of biological systems Luca Cardelli, Corrado Priami

Scientific infrastructure. A new path for science? Mark R. Abbott. Beyond the tsunami : developing the infrastructure to deal with life sciences data Christopher Southan, Graham Cameron. Multicore computing and scientific discovery James Larus, Dennis Gannon. Parallelism and the cloud Dennis Gannon, Dan Reed. The impact of workflow tools on data-centric research Carole Goble, David De Roure. Semantic eScience : encoding meaning in next-generation digitally enhanced science Peter Fox, James Hendler. Visualization for data-intensive science Charles Hansen, Chris R. Johnson, Valerio Pascucci, Claudio T. Silva. A platform for all that we know : creating a knowledge-driven research infrastructure Savas Parastatidis

Scholarly communication. Jim Gray's fourth paradigm and the construction of the scientific record Clifford Lynch. Text in a data-centric world Paul Ginsparg. All aboard : toward a machine-friendly scholarly communication system Herbert Van de Sompel, Carl Lagoze. The future of data policy Anne Fitzgerald, Brian Fitzgerald, Kylie Pappalardo. I have seen the paradigm shift, and it is us John Wilbanks. From Web 2.0 to the global database Timo Hannay

The way forward Craig Mundie

Conclusions Tony Hey, Stewart Tansley, Kristin Tolle

Next steps.

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