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The economics of work in Japan

Tokyo : LTBC International Library Foundation, 1996.
Descripción: xiv, 289 páginas : diagramas

ISBN: 4924971022

Various Worker Groups. The Self-employed and Employees An Unlimited Supply of Labor

Examining the Seniority. Wage Legend The Commonly Accepted Views. The Wage Profile and Wage Scale. An International Comparison of Age- Wage Profiles

Examining the Permanent Employment Theory. Job Separation Rates .International Comparisons of Job Tenure

The Careers of Workers at Large Companies. Workers at Large American Companies. Starting a Career. Broad OJT

Intellectual skills. Dealing with Changes and problems. Separated System versus Integrated Systems. Methods of Forming Intellectual Skills. The future of Intellectual Skills

Current Theories. The Human Capital Theory. Internal Labor Markets. Explaining Job Attachment. Constructing a Career

Adjustment to Change: Dismissal and Unemployment. Employment Adjustment. Dismissals in Japan

Workers at Small and Medium-Sized Companies. Wage Differentials by Company Size. Various Views. Skill Formation at Small and Medium-Sized Companies

Women and Older Workers. Older Workers. Women Workers

The Transferability Overseas of the Japanese Way of Working. The Issue. Japanese Corporations in the United States and the United Kingdom. Skill Formation in Southeast Asia. Documentation. Technical Cooperation

College Graduates in Industry. Transferability Abroad. Early Screening System. Promotion within a Japanese Corporation

- Labor Unions in the Workplace. Labor Disputes: An International Comparison. Local Unions In The United States. Works Councils In West Germany. Enterprise Unions In Japan

Changes in Wage Levels and Unemployment. Wage Levels. Unemployment. Wage Levels. Unemployment. Distribution

Basic Theory and the Theory of Stages. Basic Theory. The Theory of Labor Types. Stage One - the Age of The Craft Union. Changeover - an Explanation of National Differences.

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