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Media and politics in Japan

Honolulu : University of Hawai'i Press, 1996.
Descripción: xv, 389 páginas

ISBN: 0824816986

Media and politics in Japan : historical and contemporary perspectives Susan J. Pharr

Media as trickster in Japan : A comparative perspective Susan J. Pharr

Mass media as business organizations : a U.S.-Japancomparison D. Eleanor Westney

Portraying the state : NHK television news and politics Ellis S. Krauss

Japan's press and the politics of scandal Maggie Farley

Television and political turmoil : Japan's summer of 1993 Kristin Kyoko Altman

Media and policy change in Japan John Creighton Campbell

Media and political protest : the bullet train movements David Earl Groth

Media coverage of U.S.-Japan relations Ellis S. Krauss

Media exposure and the quality of political participation in Japan Scott C. Flanagan

Media in electoral campaigning in Japan and the United States Hiroshi Akuto

Media agenda setting in a local election : the Japanese case Toshio Takeshita and Ikuo Takeuchi

The mass media and Japanese politics : effects and consequences Ellis S. Krauss.

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