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Developing the Potential of the Individually Funded Pension Systems.

Santiago de Chile : International Federation of Pension Fund Administrators (FIAP), 2010.
Descripción: 300 páginas : ilustraciones, diagramas

ISBN: 9789568853051

Lessons from the global financial collapse Sebastián Edwards

Challenges for extending coverage to lower-income workers Felipe Kast

How to innovate in a regulated industry Wenceslao Casares

Observations on individually funded pension system design : advances for the future Robert C. Merton

The pension system in Colombia : challenges and alternatives to increase coverage Natalia Millán

Encouraging the self-employed to contribute voluntarily to the pension funds Eduardo Fuentes

Subsidies on contributions: Mexico's experience Carlos Herrera

New activities for the AFPs : unemployment insurance policies Augusto Iglesias

Personal medical accounts : an alternative to compulsory health insurance Michael F. Cannon

Pension information and organisation Ross Jones

Cases of information campaigns implemented by the industry Dariusz Stanko

Pension information and education : cases of strategies and information campaigns run by the supervisory authorities Solange Berstein

PreviRed : the Chilean model of contribution collection by internet Lorenzo Larach

Centralised social security models : experience of UNIPAGO in the Dominican Republic Miguel Gil-Mejá

Reducing the transaction costs of retirement annuities in Chile Sergio Baeza

Challenges for the regulations and policies of the public sector in infrastructure investmet : the Chilean case Carlos Hurtado

Residential real-estate : value after the subprime crisis W. Britt Gwinner

Credit for micro-businesses Helga Salina

Closing remarks Guillermo Arthur.

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