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Introduction to computer graphics

Reading, Mass. : Addison-Wesley, 1994 copyright.
Descripción: xxviii, 559 páginas, [20] páginas de láminas : ilustraciones

ISBN: 0201609215

Computer Graphics

Programming in the Simple Raster Graphics Package (SRGP)

Basic Raster Graphics Algorithms for Drawing 2D Primitive

Graphics Hardware

Geometrical Transformations

Viewing in 3D

Object Hierarchy and Simple PHIGS (SPHIGS)

Input Devices, Interaction Techniques, and Interaction Tasks

Representation of Curves and Surfaces

Solid Modeling

Achromatic and Colored Light

The Quest for Visual Realism: Why Realism?. Fundamental Difficulties.12.3 Rendering Techniques for Line Drawings. Rendering Techniques for Shaded Images. Improved Object Models. Dynamics and Animation. Stereopsis. Improved Displays. Interacting with Our Other Senses

Visible-Surface Determination

Ilumination and Shading.

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