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Computer graphics using object-oriented programming

New York : J. Wiley, 1992 copyright.
Descripción: xii, 302 páginas, [4] páginas de láminas : ilustraciones (algunas color).

ISBN: 0471541990

Graphpak: A 2D Graphics Class Library Nancy Knolle Craighill and Martin W. Fong

objectgraphics Robert Howard and Frank Zinghini

Implementing GEO++ in Smalltalk-80 Peter Wisskirchen

GOII: An Object-Oriented Framework for Computer Graphics Peter C. Bahrs, Wayne D. Dominick, and Dennis R. Moreau

The Graphical Application Support System Parris K. Egbert and William J. Kubitz

Object-Oriented Programming in Computer Graphics: ALPHA_ 1-A Case Study Spencer Thomas

An Object-Oriented Approach to Animation Control M.Pauline Baker

Object-Oriented Graphics for Interactive Visualization of Distributed Scientific Computations Sandra S. Walther and Richard L. Peskin

IDA: An Interactive Data Display System Robert L. Young

Object-Oriented Ray Tracing: A Comparison of C++ Versus C Implementations Karl D. Melcher and G. Scott Owen

Design of a Mathematicians' Drawing Program Dennis Roseman.

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