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On China

New York : Penguin, 2011.
Descripción: xviii, 586 páginas + [16] páginas de láminas

ISBN: 9781594202711

The Singularity of China

The Kowtow Question and t he Opium war

Frorn Preerninence to Decline

Mao's Continuous Revolution

Triangular Diplornacy and the Korean War

China Confronts Both Superpowers

A Decade of Crises

The Road to Reconciliation

Resumption of Relations: First Encounters with Mao and Zhou

The Quasi-Alliance:Conversations with Mao

The end of the Mao Era

The Indestructible Deng

Touching the Tiger's Buttocks": The Third Vietnan War

Reagan and the Advent of Normalcy


What Kind of Reform? Deng`s Southern Tour

A Roller Coast Ride Toward Another Reconciliation: The Jiang Zemim Era

The New Millenniumy.

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