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Legislative XML for the semantic Web : principles, models, standards for document management

New York, N. Y. : Springer, 2011 copyright.
Descripción: xi, 190 páginas

ISBN: 9789400718869

Introduction : ICT and legislation in the knowledge society Giovanni Sartor

Legislative information and the Web Giovanni Sartor

ICT-based management of legislative documents Giovanni Sartor

A standard-based approach for the management of legislative documents Fabio Vitali

Naming legislative resources Enrico Francesconi

Akoma-Ntoso for legal documents Monica Palmirani and Fabio Vitali

Legsilative change management with Akoma-Ntoso Mónica Palmirani

A metalex and metadata primer : concepts, use and implementation Alexander Boer and Tom van Engers

Semantic resources for managing legislative information María Angela Biasiotti

A review of systems and projects : management of legislative resources Enrico Francesconi.

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