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Reclaiming multilateralism : for people, rights and sustainable development

Geneva : United Nations, 2012.
Descripción: 82 páginas

ISBN: 9789211128499

Moving forward, stopping (way) short : Multilateralism today, power. Multilateralism today, participation. Failing sustainable development. Three fault-lines: decisions, implementation, institutions. Special focus: questioning some terms of debate : Effectiveness. Representation. Accountability. Neutrality

What If : aspirations for the future of multilateralism : All multilateral actions should be guided by the principles of sustainable development and human rights. Global decision-making should aspire to a broader vision. Achieving sustainable development and human rights should drive the reform of muItilateral institutions. Measures of development progress must include sustainability, equity and human rights

Pragmatism and principles : recommended actions for now : Aim high to restore aspirations, and rebalance pragmatism and principles. Make participation meaningful. Insist on policy coherence. Implement internationally agreed principles. Reinvent the reform discussion. Make measurement meaningful.

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