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The Oxford handbook of chinese psychology

Oxford ; Oxford University Press, 2010copyright.
Descripción: xvii, 732 páginas, 1 hoja de lámina color sin numerar : ilustraciones ; 26 cm.

ISBN: 9780199541850

Introduction: Reaching this stage in studying the psychology of the chinese people Michael Harris Bond

The continuing prospects for a chinese psychology Geoffrey H. Blowers

What is chinese about chinese psychology? : who are the chinese in chinese psychology? Ying-yi Hong, Yung Jui Yang and Chi-yue Chiu

The cultured brain : interplay of genes, brain and culture Farhan Ali and Trevor B. Penney

Socio-emotional development in chinese children Xinyin Chen

Parenting and child socialization in contemporary China Qian Wang and Lei Chang

Language and the brain : computational and neuroimaging evidence from chinese Ping Li and Hua Shu

Language and literacy development in chinese children Catherine McBridge-Chang, Dan Lin, Yui-Chi Fong and Hua Shu

Understanding reading disability in the chinese language : from basic research to intervention Connie Suk-Han Ho

Chinese bilingualism Him Cheung, Foong Ha Yap and Virginia Yip

Chinese children learning mathematics : from home to school Yu-Jing Ni, Ming Ming Chiu and Zi-Juan Cheng

The thinking styles of chinese people Li-Jun Ji, Albert Lee and Tieyuan Guo

Approaches to learning and teaching by the chinese David Kember and David Watkins

Chinese students' motivation and achievement Kit-Tai Hau and Irene T. Ho

How unique is chinese emotion? Michelle Yik

Beliefs in chinese culture Kwok Leung

The mutiple frames of 'Chinese' values : from tradition to modernity and beyond Steve J. Kulich and Rui Zhang

What do we know about the chinese self? : illustrations with self-esteem, self-efficacy and self-enhancement Virginia S. Y. Kwan, Chin-Ming Hui and James A. McGee

From indigenous to cross-cultural personality : the case of the chinese personality assessment inventory Fanny M. C. Cheung, Jianxin Zhang and Shu Fai Cheung

Psychology an aging in the land of the panda Helene H. Fung and Sheung-Tak Cheng

Chinese well-being Luo Lu

The spirituality of the chinese people : a critical review Daniel T. L. Shek

Psychiatric disorders in the chinese Sunita Mahtani Stewart, Peter W. H. Lee and Rongrong Tao

Clinical neuropsychology in China Agnes S. Chan, Winnie W. Leung and Mei-Chun Cheung

The Tao (way) of chinese coping Cecilia Cheng, Barbara C. Y. Lo and Jasmine H. M. Chio

Illness behaviors among the chinese Winnie W. S. Mak and Sylvia Xiaohua Chen

Community psychology in chinese societies Charles C. Chan

Psychotherapy with the chinese : an update of the work in the last decade Wai-Sum Liu and Patrick W.-L. Leung

Face and morality in confucian society Kwang-Kuo Hwang and Kuei-Hsiang Han

Chinese cooperation and competition Hildie Leung and Winton W.-T. Au

Interpersonal relationships in rapidly changing chinese societies Darius K.-S. Chan, Theresa T.-T. Ng and Chin-Ming Hui

A gender perspective on chinese social relationships and behavior Catherine So-kum Tang, Zhiren Chua and Jiaqing O

Chinese cultural psychology and contemporary communication Shi-xu & Feng-bing

Chinese political psychology : political participation in chinese societies Isabel Ng

Chinese social identity and inter-group relations : the influence of benevolent authority James H. Liu, Mei-chih Li and Xiaodong Yue

Developments in understanding chinese leadership : paternalism and its elaborations, moderations and alternatives Chao C. Chen and Jiing-Lih Farh

Chinese consumer behavior : the effects of content, process and language Robert S. Wyer, Jr and Jiewen Hong

Sport psychology research and its application in China Gangyan Si, Hing-chu Lee and Chris Lonsdale

Thera are homes at the four corners of the seas : acculturation and adaptation of overseas chinese Colleen Ward and En-Yi Lin

Inter-cultural interactions : the chinese context David C. Thomas and Yuan Liao

On the distinctiveness of chinese psychology ; or : are we all chinese? Peter B. Smith

Moving the scientific study of chinese psychology into our twenty-first century : some ways forward Michael Harris Bond.

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