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From the great wall to the new world : China and Latin America in the 21st century

Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2012.
Descripción: vii, 226 páginas : ilustraciones ; 24 cm.

ISBN: 9781107659339

Introduction : from going out (zou chuqu) to arriving in (desembarco) : constructing a new field of inquiry in China-Latin America interactions Ariel C. Armony and Julia C. Strauss

China, the United States and hegemonic challenge in Latin America : an overview and some lessons from previous instances of hegemonic challenge in the region Gonzalo Sebastián Paz

Mapping Chinese mining investment in Latin America : politics or market? Ruben Gonzalez-Vicente

Fear for manufacturing? China and the future of industry in Brazil and Latin America Rhys Jenkins and Alexandre de Freitas Barbosa

The auto parts-automotive chain in Mexico and China : co-operation potential? Enrique Dussel Peters

Harnessing the dragon : overseas Chinese entrepreneurs in Mexico and Cuba Adrian H. Hearn

Framing and claiming : contemporary globalization and "going out" in China's rhetoric towards Latin America Julia C. Strauss

Online Chinese perceptions of Latin America : how they differ from the official view Simon Shen

A view from afar : how Colombia sees China Ariel C. Armony

The "socialist other" : Cuba in Chinese ideological debates since the 1990s Yinghong Cheng.

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