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A manual for writers of research papers, theses and dissertations : Chicago style for students and researchers

Chicago, Illinois : University of Chicago Press, 2013.
Descripción: xv, 448 páginas ; 23 cm.

ISBN: 9780226816388

Research and writing: from planning to production : What research is an how researchers think about. Moving from a topic to a question to a working hypothesis. Finding useful sources. Engaging sources. Planning your argument. Planning a first draft. Drafting your report. Presenting evidence in tables and figures. Revising your draft. Writing your final introduction and conclusion,. Revising sentences. Learning from your returned paper. Presenting research in alternative forums. On the spirit of research

Source citation : General introduction to citation practices. Notes-bibliography style: the basic form. Notes-bibliography style: citing specific types of sources. Author-date style: the basis form. Author-date style: citing specific types of sources

Style : Spelling. Punctuation. Names, special terms and titles of works. Numbers. Abbreviations. Quotations. Tables and figures.

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