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Approaches to world order

Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 1999 reimpresión.
Descripción: xvi, 552 páginas ; 23 cm.

ISBN: 9780521466516

Overviews. Beyond international relations theory: Robert W. Cox and approaches to world order. Influences and commitments

Theory. The idea of international labor regulation. Realism, positivism, and historicism. On thinking about future world order. Social forces, states and world orders: beyond international relations theory. Gramsci, hegemony and internationl relations: an essay in method. Towards a posthegemonic conceptualization of world order: reflections on the relevancy of Ibn Khaldun. "Take six eggs": theory, finance and the real economy in the work of Susan Strange

Interpretations. The global political economy and social choice. "Real socialism" in historical perspective. Structural issues of global governance: implications for europe. Middlepowermanship, Japan and future world order. Production and security. Global perestroika

Multilateralism. The executive head: an essay on leadership in international organization. Decision making. Ideologies and the new international economic order: reflections on some recent literature. Labor and hegemony. Labor and hegemony: a reply. Multilateralism and world order. Globalization, multilateralism and democracy.

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