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Bioethics : an anthology

Malden : Blackwell Publishing, 2013.
Descripción: xvii, 738 páginas ; 25 cm.

ISBN: 9781405129480

Before birth. Abortion. Mother-fetus

Issues in reproduction. Assisted reproduction. Prenatal screenig, sex selection, and cloning

The new genetics. Gene therapy and eugenics. Genetic screening and counseling

Life and death issues. Killing and letting die. Severely disabled newborns. Brain death. Advance directives. Voluntary euthanasia and medically assisted suicide

Resource allocation. Micro-allocation: deciding between patients. Macro-allocation: dividing up the healthcare budget

Organ donation

Experimentation with human subjects. Huma subjects. Human embryos-stem cells

Experimentation with animals

Ethical issues in the practice of healthcare. Confidentiality. Truth-telling. Informed consent and patient autonomy

Special issues facing nurses

Ethicists and ethics committees

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