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The religious question in modern China

Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 2011.
Descripción: xi, 464 páginas ; 24 cm.

ISBN: 9780226304168


Religions and revolution: The Late Qing Religious Landscape. Ideology, Religion, and the Construction of a Modern State, 1898-1937. Model Religions for a Modern China: Christianity, Buddhism, and Religious Citizenship. Cultural Revitalization: Redemptive Societies and Secularized Traditions. Rural Resistance and Adaptation, 1898-1949. The CCP and Religion, 1921-66 139. Spiritual Civilization and Political Utopianism

Multiple Religious Modernities: Into the Twenty- First Century. Alternative Trajectories for Religion in the Chinese World. Filial Piety, the Family, and Death. Revivals of Communal Religion in the Later Twentieth Century. The Evolution of Modern Religiosities. Official Discourses and Institutions of Religion. Global Religions, Ethnic Identities, and Geopolitics.

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