Democracy and Islam in Indonesia

New York : Columbia University Press, 2013.
Descripción: xv, 252 páginas ; 23 cm.

ISBN: 9780231161916

Indonesian democratization in theoretical perspective Mirjam Künkler and Alfred Stepan

Indonesian democracy : from transition to consolidation R. William Liddle and Saiful Mujani

How pluralist democracy became the consensual discourse among secular and nonsecular Muslims in Indonesia Mirjam Künkler

Christian and Muslim minorities in Indonesia : state policies and majority Islamic organizations Franz Magnis-Suseno, SJ

Veto player no more? : the declining political influence of the military in postauthoritarian Indonesia Marcus Mietzner

Indonesian government approaches to radical Islam since 1998 Sidney Jones

How Indonesia survived : comparative perspectives on state disintegration and democratic integration Edward Aspinall

Contours of sharia in Indonesia John Bowen

Unfinished business : law reform, governance, and the courts in post-Suharto Indonesia Tim Lindsey and Simon Butt.

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