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Managing transnational flows in East Asia

Kyeonggi-do, Paju-si : Jimoondang, 2012 copyright.
Descripción: x, 213 páginas ; 24 cm.

ISBN: 9788962971514

Managing Transnational Flows in East Asia Shirlena Huanq, Mike Hayes and Sang Kook Lee

Protection of Overseas Vietnam ese Labourers: Situation and Policy Challenges Vu Cong Giao and Tran Kien. Indonesian Migrant Workers (IMWs): Legal and Policy Perspectives lnosentius Samsul. Transnationalism and Skilled Worker Migration in an Innovation-Ied Economy: The Case of Malaysia Morshidi Sirat

Globalisation of Diseases and the Limitations of the Statist Approach to Health Threats: A Review of the Korean AIOS Policy Byong-Hee Cho. State Centrism and East Asian Regional Cooperation: The Case of Cooperation on Natural Disasters and Environmental IssuesJaehyon Lee. Transnatlonalisrn and Crime: Victims, Perpetrators and the LawMike Hayes

Transcending Traditional Security in Southeast Asia: The Relevance of Peoples' Agendas Chantana Banpasirichote. Decolonising the River: Transnationalism and the Flows of Knowledge on Mekong EcologyJakkrit Sangkhamanee. YouTube and Girls' Generation Fandom Doobo Shim and Kwang Woo Noh.

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