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The Sunshine Policy : in defense of engagement as a path to peace in Korea

Seoul, Korea : Yonsei University Press, 2012copyright
Descripción: xii, 268 páginas ; 23 cm.

ISBN: 9788997578429

Recasting the Sunshine Policy: Understanding the Sunshine Policy : ideals, principles and rationales. The first Korean summit 2000 : promises unfulfilled. The second Korean summit 2007 : style and substance

Challenges to the Sunshine Policy: External challenges : the Bush Doctrine, nuclear crisis and stalled talks. Domestic challenges : the Lee Myung-bak government and the post-engagement era. Military challenges : conflict and the inter-Korean arms race

What future for the Sunshine Policy?: Contending models of Korean unification and the Sunshine Policy. The Sunshine Policy's place in Northeast Asian security dynamics. The Sunshine Policy as the path forward.

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