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A history of japanese political thought, 1600-1901

Tokyo, Japan : International House of Japan, 2012.
Descripción: xiv, 543 páginas : ilustraciones ; 24 cm.

ISBN: 9784924971325

The political thought of the middle kingdom : confucianism

The sorrows of the samurai

The mechanisms of shogunal majesty : the Tokugawa political systemj

A nation of family businesses

The lure of dangerous thought : the assimilation of confucianism and resulting tensions

A neighboring orthodoxy : the Zhu Xi school of neo-confucianism

The paradoxes of love : the thought of Ito Jinsai and ito Togai

Serving the "King of Japan" : the philosophy and policies of Arai Hakuseki

Against modernity : the thought of Ogyu Sorai

Amorality and rebellion : the collapse of the Sorai school

Anti-urban utopianism : the thought of Ando Shoeki

"Honorable peasants" and protest

A peculiarly "Pure Heart" : the thought of Motoori Norinaga

"Motivating the people" : the thought of Kaiho Seiryo

Definig "Japan" : changes in consciousness

Sexuality and the social order

Perceptions of the western world : a radical shift

The opening of Japan as a phisophical question

Collapse and transformation

The Meiji push for "civilization"

The ambitions of Fukuzawa Yukichi

Reason, justice and Rousseau : the thought of Nakae Chomin.

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